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Enterprise reporting makes it possible for any user to define alternate groups of stores to aggregate data for reporting.

The AutoPoint Enterprise Reporting Solution allows dealer groups, OEMs, and others to establish cross-organization views of AutoPoint data from Shop Watch, WelcomePoint and MultiPoint in one report.

Users of enterprise reporting can be authorized to access any level of a data hierarchy to obtain the information they need while securing data outside the user’s domain.

About one third of the KPI data required by Toyota is present in extant reports, this plan includes many new data points of particular interest from on OEM perspective.

  • Jim Jensen
  • Jun 20 2017
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New Project or Epic? New Project
Capitalization Costs
Project Name AutoPoint Enterprise Reporting
Project Manager Craig Condie
Start Date 2017-11-01
Estimated in Service Date 2018-02-28
Estimated cost of the project $50,000
Estimated useful life of the asset 5
Estimated total development time for the project 3
Purpose for the software development Hybrid
Is there a plan to market the software externally? Yes
Preliminary project state completion date
Project authorized and funding committed to the project by:
Is it highly probable that the project will be completed and the software will be used to perform the intended function? Yes
Criteria for ASC 350-40-05-05 met?
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  • Jim Jensen commented
    June 20, 2017 18:13

    Cost was computed at 520 man hours x $85 and rounded up.