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Identifix Internal Content Management Tool

Identifix subscribes to data feeds from major automobile OEM’s, such as Ford and GM.  Identifix also maintains a database of transcribed solutions as use cases from their hotline call center.  Both of these data asset feeds need to be continually monitored and cleaned up to maximize usability of the digital assets. Previously this was a manual task, completed by Solera employees known as data authors. This project is a 30/30 opportunity to replace that team with an internal software asset which enables the same clean-up and maintenance of the data automatically.  All that is needed to enable this 30/30 effort is upfront programming, which this capitalization memo addresses. 

  • Jeanette Dorazio
  • Jul 27 2017
  • Closed
New Project or Epic? New Project
Capitalization Costs

Development internal labor:  $TBD

IT internal labor:  $0

Consultant external labor:  $220,000

Project Name Content Management System
Project Manager Curt Centers
Start Date 2017-07-24
Estimated in Service Date 2017-12-31
Estimated cost of the project $400,000
Estimated useful life of the asset 3
Estimated total development time for the project 5
Purpose for the software development Strictly internal-use
Is there a plan to market the software externally? No
Preliminary project state completion date 2017-12-31
Project authorized and funding committed to the project by: Jerry Martino, Solera NA CFO and Mark Theriot, SMR Managing Director
Is it highly probable that the project will be completed and the software will be used to perform the intended function? Yes
Criteria for ASC 350-40-05-05 met? Yes
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